I don’t want to be in this body any longer. Trapped in a pile of flesh. Ensnared in dying cells. I gave no consent to this blood oath. I spit on it all, this twisted notion of existence. I don’t want a fancy house, a fast car, a perfect body. I don’t want well-groomed children, a respectable job, an degree with honors or talents or a commendable social record. I don’t belong here. Fuck your thank you, your fake smile and your have a nice day. Fuck your courtesies. Fuck the rich, fuck the poor, fuck governance, society and law. Fuck your gender, your race, your religion. Fuck your taboos and cultural identity and your opinions.

Fuck the hierarchy, the constant struggle, the drive for dominance in all things. Fuck the striving for positions of power, and fuck survival. Fuck the human condition. Fuck the comprehension of existence - the mutation of adaption that is rationality and the ability to reason, deduct, reduce. Fuck self awareness. Fuck the labeling, the categorizing, the borders and the limitations. Fuck notions, statistics, creations. Fuck the establishment of normalcy. Fuck the system. Fuck the code. Fuck the pursuit of happiness. 

Fuck the need to moralize, penalize and punish. Fuck sin and common decency. Fuck the concrete that covers the soil and the wires that fill the horizon. Fuck depression, disorder, chemical imbalance and your instability. But fuck my hope most of all.

Release me. You can have your shell. Lost in your memories. In the end we are nothing but the sad scattering of stars, laughing in the darkness.

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Very beautiful,I love this animal

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Teepee Fields by George Hayford-Taylor on Flickr.

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